Trust in Your Creator

January 17, 2012.

Here I am doubting my future. Doubting I will make something of myself. Doubting I will change a life. Doubting I will ever truly happy; and by extension, selfishly doubting my Creator himself. He gifted me with this life for a reason, for a purpose, and with a plan. An omnipotent being is incapable of making error, so who am I to doubt his plan?

When I doubt the decisions I’ve made and I doubt the life I am living I remember that though I am capable of making error, my Savior will always be there to make things right. When I am focused on myself and on my issues I am miserable/depressed. When I realize I am not in control my heart is suddenly relieved and my soul becomes lighter. Though the problems are still here they will be fixed, they will be resolved, they will be made for good. I am learning: learning to Trust in my Creator

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