The Underwater Tunnel

January 14, 2012.

As the two of them were exploring the awe-inspiring castle they came upon a petite circular room in the darkest depths of the castle. They moved closer to each other as the room gave off an eerie disposition that made them reluctant. They spotted a steel door on the wall opposite them. They both gave each other a glance of hesitation but both made to open the door as both minds were oh so curious. Behind the door was a whole new world entirely. Blue captured their eyes and spots of green and red and orange made an appearance. Sparkles here and there with small ripples…

They were underwater… As the castle was built on the ocean side, drilling deep down would reveal the water. The glass separating them from the vast world out in the deep blue formed an arch shape over them and with no seems and clean as a whistle the world of the sea could never seem so real or close. The two walked in awe along the tunnel. Fish of colors they had never seen came up to ponder their new guests, sharks zoomed by briefly acknowledging the commotion, life was seemingly existing in an alien world: a breath taking world at that. The under water tunnel carried the couple deeper underground and even deeper into the ocean: about a half a mile. With their mouths open the entire journey the two quickly exchanged random glances being careful not miss any of the under water action.

The tunnel slowly turned into a gentle incline bringing its travelers closer and closer to the real world above. At the finish of the journey another metal door was placed. Opening it revealed a bright blue sunny sky and a massive dock containing all matter of droids and devices. One in particular took their eye. Slightly different from the harsh metal of the others, this one was white as the pearls created in the deep below. The sleek ocean cruiser proudly owned the name of White Pearl. Luxurious and royal the ship was obviously meant for those of a higher status, but being at their disposal the two took advantage of the peaceful day at hand.

He climbed in first and laid his hand in assistance to her and they began to secure all of the proper protection. At last he pulled the boat out of the massive dock and began sliding into the even massive water in front of them. The wind blowing, the sun shining, the ocean spray licking the ends of their hair, smiles from ear to ear, and eyes locked the two glided away on the White Pearl. Though the tunnel “ended” it was still working its magic leading them to worlds beyond with many sights along the way.

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