February 11, 2012.

I have been bad about posting on the actual day that the writing pertains to because I am a night owl and therefore find myself writing these at 4 A.M. for the day before. So while this is “my writing” for the 11th, the 12th seems to be a new special date.

Warmth finally began to set in. After minutes of spasms, chills, and numbness, the nervous warmth accumulated kept me toasty. Hands and seriously locked eyes pushed thoughts of the cold out and simply brought in the warmth. The warmth ask me to trust it, to trust it to always be there for me, to never leave me. While hesitant I must say I said okay. I liked that warmth an awful lot. So unlike the cold, it was special, it was rare, and consistently held me at awe. The warmth felt a sort of protection around me, along with the care and the love, the warmth was always gonna be there for me: because the warmth promised but also because the warmth wanted to. I felt about that warmth a way I have never felt about a warmth before. Even the best of warmths have not comforted me like this one. Have never felt so special or right. I loved this warmth simple and plain with all of my heart. The future is iffy. Not sure which road to take or path to cross. Praying will fix that: make it all make sense. The warmth overwhelmed me more and more and finally demanded a break. To back soon though the warmth promised, for the warmth could not resist making me comfortable nor could I resist it. As the warmth left a tear fell (only one tear mind you, I seem to be out of tears) but not a tear of sadness or loneliness, but a tear of hopes to the future, for that warmth was offly pleasant. And God knows my future. Here i go trusting both of them...

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