What Makes a Good Song a Good Song?

April 7, 2012

Yes, Justin Bieber’s new song is growing on me. Yes, I am disgustingly obsessed with One Direction and their outfits. Yes, Rhianna can pump out a catchy tune every now and then, but what makes a quality song a quality song? I went on a hunt. A hunt for true music we can call it. I researched what songs were popular and why they were so and what songs weren’t popular and why that was so. I listened to music that I liked and I listened to music that I absolutely hated. I listened to music that made me cry and I did indeed listen to music that caused my insides to combust to laughter. I came to the conclusion that there are many reasons why certain songs are popular: obviously. Catchy tune: the number one criteria for having a popular song. The lyrics could be the best in the business, but if it doesn’t capture the audience’s ears then you are out of luck. The right audience: In order to have a popular song you must know who you are talking to and who is most likely to listen. Writing a song about a cheeseburger may not get you very far (but with music these days I suppose anything is possible). And thirdly well written lyrics: While sometimes this matters and while sometimes it doesn’t, well written lyrics mean the world to serious music lovers. This is where my opinions come in. Like I said before I follow the pop culture of music and some of the big name pop artist show up on my iTunes library, but for most days of the week when I am yearning for music than does more than providing a good beat for me to dance to I turn to a song with substance. And personally I believe this substance comes from honesty and bravery. After listening to many songs and checking out many many new bands, the one thing I always found myself saying at the end of a song I liked was “Wow, that was very brave for them to write. It was so honest.” Combined with a catchy sound, lyrics make the song for serious music lovers. While repetitiously calling a girl beautiful in a song can be catchy and can attract thousands of screaming girls, the truly quality music comes from the artist’s ability to be brave enough to write honest music. The second I read/hear honest lyrics I automatically give a band my respect because that is what makes good music. That is what makes a good song a good song.

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