What Makes You Shake

March 10, 2012.

Blood pumping, mind racing, hands shaking, head spinning, eyes tearing up, breathing becoming hard, jolts of energy come pounding through the hands as I grab hold to the steering wheel of my car and drive off. Far as I can go and as fast as too. With the adrenaline still running through every nook and cranny of my body everything becomes surreal.

The moment wasn’t fun. The moment was terrifying. A bright yellow light came pouring through the window and both of our hearts dropped far into the colon and there we were looking like deer in the headlights. Terrified and shaking uncontrollably, we brainstorm. Clever tricks. Clever ways. Manipulatory words to get us out. We twisted and turned but finally made it to the end with no large bumps. We were sent home with little questioning. The relief was instantaneous but the hands still shook. And the hands still shook. And they shook and shook and shook. But that’s how it was. Adrenaline. Boy, does it make you shake.

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