Who I Am

February 12, 2012.

A little explanation. I had a project for a class in which I have one minute to tell a story of exactly who I am. With the help of my best friend this is what we came up with.

Who I am is the product of the places I have been and the people who were there with me. My memory is in my camera and my thoughts are painted on page after page of rhetoric. My veins flow not with blood, but with coffee and my hair is not red, but tangible passion dancing out of me. I have to become metaphorical, rhetorical, and allegorical. My writing defines much of me, but I do not think that communication is only verbal. My words are also expressed through movement and the art of theatre. I have fallen in love and fallen out of it, but I don’t let it define who I am. I like to make a fool out of myself every now and again and I have not a care in the world about what people think. Nature is my keeper and the constant backdrop for my constant day dreams. But most importantly I am the product of my Lord in Heaven who is the only one who knows my true purpose. I am learning to put complete trust in his brilliant plan. He is molding me as he has molded my brother and two sister. Three of the most important people to me. I use my words, my movement, and my memory to share my experiences and knowledge so that I may inspire the people and places that have so inspired.

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