Worry Worry Worry

January 8th, 2012.

Worry Worry Worry.

Worry here, worry there

Up down, all around… worry.

My grade was one point lower than I needed it to be, what is going to happen? Will I lose my scholarship? what will I tell my parents? what will my friends think? What if I fail this class? …. worry worry worry.

My boyfriend lied to me, should I break up with him? Is he gonna break up with me? How do I react? What do I say? Who is gonna be there for me when he isn’t?…. worry worry worry.

My car broke, how am I going to get to work tomorrow? How will I get to the store? How much is it going to be to fix? What if I end up broke? …. worry worry worry.

I worry, you worry. We all worry all the time. If its not this… it’s that. I wish I could change that because it leaves me exhausted and wastes my oh so precious time with negative thoughts that could be filled with positive ones furthering me along. Though sometimes we choose to deny it…. God will never forsake us. He has a plan. Unlike us who worry because we don’t have a plan because unlike Him, we don’t know the future.

Worry Less, Have Faith More.

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