You and Me

January 21, 2012.

Hello new friend

Why, hello to you

Chat chat chat

Chat with a group

I see your eyes on me

I too steal a glance

Soon you chat just to me

Or friendship becomes advanced

You say that I’m special

I think you are as well

We met for a reason

Our relationship begins to swell

We go on a date

Or two or three

A hold of the hand

A kiss of the cheek

You interest me

And I interest you

We talk about personal things

Because we actually have a clue

You understand what I think

And I listen to you

Soon you develop trust

And I as well too

We talk about the future

And how it has us together

Our two souls so alike

But God tells us to remember

So we pray and pray

And ponder and ponder

I say I know it’s meant to be

And you say you agree

Together we grow

Our minds and our hearts

In God and together

Forever and forever

You and me.

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