Young Man

April 14, 2012.

There once was a young man. A young man living on his own. A young man living on his own and never did anything with consistency. He worked a forty hour work week at a mid size advertising company doing simple data entry and editing. He came home to a small tank with three little goldfish inside. Everyday when he came home to an empty house he fed his fish and collapsed on his couch where he spent a good part of the evening. He didn’t have many friends. He didn’t have any motivation to move up any ladder in life. His existence was monotonous and empty.

At some point everyday he would get into the elevator at his office building to go up to the offices at which he spent his days. He would stare and the crack between the elevator doors for five floors until the elevator dinged at its arrival. One day instead of going straight to the fifth floor the elevator made an unexpected stop on the second floor. The young man was confused as the doors began to open as he knew he wasn’t at the fifth floor yet. A young woman of about the same age stepped on the elevator seemingly startled at his confused face. Her long dirty blonde hair flowed lightly down her shoulders and upper back and her medium stature left her the perfect size for the tops of their heads to be nearly the same height. She flashed a small grin at him in hopes of removing that bizarre confusion that rested on his face. The man eventually snapped back into reality and resumed his position staring at the crack between the doors. Once the elevator designated that he was at the fifth floor, the man got off leaving the young woman behind to go up another level. This happened everyday since. He began getting used to the prospect of seeing her at that specific time so his boss became accustomed to seeing him on time every day for once. When she got on every day they exchanged a quick friendly smile and continued to mind each other’s business. The young man began to enjoy the morning rendezvous with the young woman, and she quite enjoyed them as well. It gave both young adults the ability to have something to look forward to when they went to bed the night before. They never spoke, not once. Just shared smile.

One day the girl didn’t show up. The elevator didn’t stop at floor two and when he didn’t here the ding of the elevator, the boy’s heart sank. He didn’t understand, why did he feel that way? He didn’t know her at all, he never even spoke one word to her. All he knew was that for the past month he was on time to work everyday. Instead of 40 minutes to hour late like normal. His apartment was cleaner. It no longer smelled of old McDonald’s bags and unwashed socks. His was cut. He didn’t even remember getting a haircut! But it was cut. What is going on he thought? Nothing had changed in his daily routine, nothing at all. Except that young lady. She was the only thing different than usual. The only thing to look forward to. The only thing to change a mindset. The only thing to change a life…

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