You're the Winner

March 7, 2012.

The thing about caring for someone is that it shouldn’t be complicated. The internet and the latest teen pop magazine gives girls and boys the right things to say to a person they like or ways to dress to get the opposite sex to notice them or how to act around a person to get them to like you… it’s all a game and in order to win, you must be a very stratigic and gifted player. Oddly enough ladies and gents, the world doesn’t actually work that way! Crazy right? If you like a guy then flirt! If you don’t then be friends. It isn’t that hard. If you are so desperate for a relationship of any kind that you are turning to teen pop magazine to read about Justin Beiber’s love advice than you might as well give up on life and go to a strip club because you have reached rock bottom. If you are sitting around playing games to try to win someone’s affection, you are doing it wrong. If you say certain things just to get that hot girl to sleep with you, you are doing it wrong. If you hold back your feelings and never make them obvious for fear of seeming “foolish”, you are doing it wrong. If you want to be in a relationship then be straight forward. No beating around the bush. No spending 30 minutes writing one text message just to make it “perfectly” right. Life doesn’t work that way. If you care about someone and you want them to know you think they are special, then by golly, buy them some damn roses already! The point is, relationships aren’t meant to be played like a game with a winner. They are meant to exist with little to no judgment with a line running from point A to infinity becuase when you care about someone enough, you don’t lose them. You just don’t.

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