A Chance

May 12, 2012

You speak as if you were never given a chance. You speak as if your life was given away as soon as you were born. You speak as if you are cursed. You speak as if those around you have some sort of control over you happiness, over your well-being. There are some who were given no chance, who were cursed from the moment they were born. Destined to a life of sickness and pain… those are the ones who are not given the extraordinary chances those of us who are healthy were given. Yet through of the pain and torture that they hold their heads up for they still look for that chance, they look for that future. As if they were born destined for a life of greatness. And what do they do? They achieve that greatness and success with the limited time they have. They fight for those chances, while so many of us throw away our chances. We must make the most of the chances we are given and not throw them away with foolish actions. We must understand our purpose and work constantly towards that, for the benefit of what we have been given and what we can give to the falling world and for those who aren’t given those chances.

In loving memory of Rachel Anne Darling. 

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