May 11, 2012

Take a minute. Look at the room you are sitting in and the things you are surrounded with. A room, a bed, a fan, my cell phone, my stunning laptop, car keys, books, music, candles, lamps, kitty cat, sink… Sure, small things. But without those things where would I be. I forget amidst my selfish habits that I have been extremely blessed. I forget when I am complaining about my lack of money that I have been given more than so much of the world couldn’t even imagine about ever having. Sometimes we all just need to take a seat and look around us. See the things we have been blessed with and then it becomes hard to be bitter. Financial struggles are a pain, but regardless we are blessed beyond compare. Some people ask don’t you wish you had a better car? Don’t you wish you had the iPhone 4s instead of just the 4. After these moments, I can honestly say no. No I don’t wish for something better because I have a car, I have a phone, I have a laptop… I couldn’t not be satisfied. Take a gander around you will ya? See what all you’ve been given.

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