Gettin' Hitched

May 2, 2012

How can people fall in love, how can than even think about a future when they themselves have no idea or any clue as to who they are as an individual. It’s as if they are signing off independence and become someone else’s other half because they were too lazy or too scared to be independent and to find what all is that there for one person. How does one make that kind of commitment and actually know how to successfully act with another person when they can’t even fathom sleeping alone. Some things in this world simply do not make sense. Independence is one of the most liberating and beautiful things, yet girls and a lot of times even guys, jump on the opportunity to throw that all away. Cowards they are really. Too scared to make a risk, too scared to explore, too scared to fail and not have someone there to fall back on. Must be awful for them. Knowing they are getting hitched because they are too terrified to do anything else.

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