Here's to Time

May 10, 2012

With every heartbreak and with every disappointment “comforting” words come and go. One of the most common being “time heals everything” or “just give it time.” Frustrating as it may be in that moment when all you want to do is cry or bash an extrodinarily heavy object into a wall, time does help. Time does heal wounds better than most people give it credit for. It did for me. Though it seemed as if I waited an eternity and half to feel even a small amount of relief, it eventually came. Hearts heal and so do disappointed souls. Letting misfortune crush you is a waste of this time. Morn and then let it go and while it may still cause you pain at times, Time is right behind you working hard to sew back together the rips you have created. And eventually you feel that relief, of not being disappointed anymore. Of not being sick to your stomach from heartbreak. You move on to better and sometimes bigger heartbreaks and disappointments and even bigger successes and fond memories. Relief comes and life continues. All thanks to Time.

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