I Sure Do Love Bike Rides

May 15, 2012

There is something so satisfying about riding a bike. Maybe it’s that lovely repetitious clickclickclickclick it makes when you aren’t peddling. Or maybe it’s those fun times when your shoelace comes loose and wraps itself around the pedal causing you to flip and fall every which way possible. Maybe just maybe it’s the ache in your back it gives you from leaning over the entire time. Or the soreness you develop in your ass from sitting on that impossibly tiny seat forever. I wonder if the manufacturers understand that the people riding bikes are trying to get in shape… they don’t have tiny asses yet! Maybe it’s that moment when you ride over that tiny bit of dirty water on the sidewalk and it proceeds to cover the entirety of the back of your leg. At the end of a nice long drawn out ride, one walks in the door dirty and sore all over. How children ride their bikes everywhere is beyond me. Goodness, isn’t exercise great! Now time for a shower, a heating pad, and a bowl of ice cream to regain those precious calories that I lost.

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