Ice Cream and Chips

May 18, 2012

Break-ups are a bitch. Your friends can comfort you all you want. They can take you out for the best drinks in town, while a drunken state can definitely take the edge off it momentarily you are still back to the depressing bed-laying-looking-at-the-ceiling-rethinking-your-life-craving-icecream-and-chips kind of state by the end of the night. People will tell you that you deserve better or he/she was stupid. But it doesn’t make any difference. You know that, I know that, pretty sure my cat knows that, people just like to think they can aid you in your time of heartbreak. The only thing that can heal you would be crying for a while, then time. Time, time, time. Words hardly mean a thing when in a break up because even your best friend doesn’t know your heart well enough to tell you what you need to hear. Crying and time… and maybe a little bit of ice cream too.

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