Kitten oh Kitten

May 24, 2012

Kitten oh Kitten, where for art thou my kitten?

I lay here in silence and in the cold,

With no furry cuddly friend to keep hold

I reach out to pet your large fuzzy belly

to find there is not one there

My sleep becomes restless oh kitten!

I call your name with not one response to spare

You don’t do much my loving kitten

You sleep away the day and eat away the night

But the love you give is enough for me

Even your love for kneading my tummy.

Half the time I kick you off my bed

Only when I need more space

And all of the time you jump back on

Knowing we can’t the night apart

Kitten oh kitten, where for art thou my kitten?

I need your loving here with me- wait.


Kitten oh kitten, why must thou eat my golf fish??

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