Life of a Coward

May 31, 2012

A coward is a coward and they will never change. Living in a life afraid of saying what they feel and afraid of acting on those feelings. A life of little conflict, but a life of no emotion. A life not lived to the fullest. A life afraid to laugh and a life afraid to cry. A life afraid to let anyone get too close for fear of having to pull out emotions they are too afraid to access. They can get a job, they can get a spouse, they can achieve a basic level of happiness, but a happiness that exists only on the surface. Nothing reaches deep, because they are too afraid to let anything get deep. A coward is a life of being afraid to attack things with a proud stance and a strong arm. A coward rather curls up in the corner hoping to avoid conflict altogether. Where is the living in that? A coward is a coward and nothing can change that. Not any words, not any person, not any situation.

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