May 25, 2012

With one crossing of a threshold I was falling back into the memories and the demeanor of a past stage. Some of the same people even made an appearance pushing me further and futher into the past. The bells brought back memories and it was odd for me. Odd for me to not follow everyone else who was responding to the same familiar bell. This time I was here for a different purpose. What that purpose was is not important, but what was important was the fact that I stood there at the end of that hallway watching all those people who not long ago I was apart of walk toward their respective destinations. I simply stood there. I was not rushing off to my car to be the first out of the parking lot, or hurrying to the auditorium for a rehearsal. I stood there and observed what was once my past. What was once my reality.

The nostalgia came flooding back in the burst of one giant wave that would knock out any pro surfer, with the sight of one face. One person that characterized that whole world for me. His face was the one I constantly searched out in those halls. Not one day went by in that hell hole of classrooms that I did not search the crowd for even a spotting of him. It let me know that I wasn’t here alone… until I was. Even then, even when his life and mine didn’t intertwine, I still looked for his face, for some part of normalcy.

A year later I return and still his presence characterizes that place. It’s as if we can never really leave, we can never really forget. Whenever we come back whether we meet there in person or not, memories of the other will always surface, because that’s who we were in those halls. I was in him and he was in me. There wasn’t one without the other. Even when our lives went separate ways in those halls… we still weren’t really apart.

A year later and there we stood like we always used to, looking at each other with surprise to see the other. A quick hello and a friendly hug back in those hallways.

There I stood at the end of that hallway watching those youngsters make their way out, imagining what it was like back then. And now being thankful that part of my life is over to open it up to new experiences. Though, I will never be able to forget life in those halls. They shaped me. They molded me. They taught me. Through all of the corruption and all of the heartache those halls brought me, they taught me to be strong and to walk with confidence knowing that no matter how much of an outsider I felt, I would find a place in this world.

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