More to You

May 13, 2012

Your job is prosperous. Your grades are great. You life is going somewhere there’s no denying it. You have the brains of a champion. You have the ability to make it big. Someone greets you and asks how you are. You change faces, the one that lives for your job comes out. Time cannot contain that fa├žade as work thoughts can escape your lips for hours on end. Is that enough for you? To live through projects and work? Because the second someone asks you what you are afraid of you have no legitimate answer. You have a thought in your head, that is obvious. But you won’t dare let the words take form. I think it scares you, showing emotion. Passivity seems like an easy route for you. What you can’t seem to grasp is that there is more to you than what you do. There is more to you than your goals or your accomplishments or your hobbies. While these play a roll in making you you, that is not all that exists in that brilliant brain of yours. Opinions, thoughts, feelings, emotions are all there. Why won’t you let them out?

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