On the Brink

May 27, 2012

That moment that you realize, you are on your way. When finally after years of putting in the time and effort, your hard work is finally beginning to pay off. After years of listening to people tell you no and after years of feeling like your dreams and talents mean and will amount to nothing have finally given leave, opening up the beautiful moment when you realize that you have finally begun to make it. With a camera in hand, words flying through your head to form intruiging sentences, and of course a press badge to get you anywhere dreams are coming true. The world of authorship no longer seems so outlandish. People all around are making their dreams and wants and desires come true, and just like them I am on my way. It is with much effort though that I accomplish this, for nothing comes easy.

There will be days where exhaustion takes its toll and crawling in a hole seems like the best option. But it is those days in particular that moving forward and working even harder become the best decision.

While the world still has a thousand and half things to teach me and I have even bigger and better things yet ahead, a feel as if it is now becoming all the more tangible and that patience and diligence will be my best friends in grabbing this dream.

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