Opening Up

May 5, 2012

No matter who you are or where you came from. Everyone has their burdens to bear. Some announce them to the world. Some have no shame in admitting their downfalls and their struggles, and some simply want the attention. To get it, they might as well send a take home letter and a brochure to ensure everyone knows about their problem… simply for the attention. Others on the other hand keep what they struggle with buried deep down inside with no intention of letting it out. Certain questions must probe conversation and pushing will every now and then let a small bit of life pop through a hard exterior. But they don’t see life as others do. They see life as a place where you let the goods things come through and live a life based solely on those limited happy moments, while others open their hearts and let it all out knowing that it’s life and we aren’t given to many of them. Why go to the grave with secrets? These hidden souls appear to heartless and dry and void of all emotion and compassion and fire, but they are the ones who struggle the most, because they don’t know how to say how they feel. With a life full of people questioning what you are gonna do with it putting on a show can be rough on the mind and on the heart. And generally these are the ones who fall. Share, you may never know who will be listening.

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