May 8, 2012

The next time I woke I felt as if I had been sleeping for days. Something in the dungeon like prison seemed a bit different. To the left I could see a small faint light somewhere across the basement cells. It was rather small, yet still very definite. My head whipped with the sound of a door opening and footsteps drawing closer and closer. I could tell it was only one person and by the sound of it, not the large guard that came in the last time I was awake. The footsteps stopped in front of the barred door and I looked up to see the long haired boy standing there with no less than a somber look on his face. “Come with me he demanded,” with a tone of authority. I sat there puzzled for a moment as I was clearly locked in a cell.

“Well I can’t very well get out with out a key now can I? And why am I to come with you? Why aren’t you being escorted by that guard?” In one swift movement the door was unlocked and gaping open. I wasn’t about to follow the orders of a random boy, but he stood there simply looking at me. This was all very odd for me, though I was shaking, I was still holding it altogether. Slowly I got up and approached the door. It was painful, so very painful to even move. I didn’t realize how beaten up I was until now. The boy grabbed my wrist and yanked me in the opposite direction of which he came. His grip was firm and it was beyond terrifying. I was trying to resist but his strength was overpowering especially with the poor condition my body was in. It was all I could do to even run to prevent myself from tripping and falling. He kept pulling me and pulling me and then I saw it, the small miniscule light. He was pulling me towards it.

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