May 9, 2012

The light was coming from a very small window 10 feet above the ground in between two cells. I was confused as the windows had bars on them, though they seemed quite loose. The boy pulled me closer to him and began to hull me up.

“Wait wait,” I screamed as I twisted my body away from him and sharp pains surged through me.

“Shut up,” He demanded. “You do NOT want to be heard. Do you understand me?” I simply stared at him confused as to the entire situation. I must have looked pretty pathetic as he was more gentle with his forcefulness this time. He reached up and pulled the bars off of the small window.

“You are going through that window, okay?” He whispered to me. “I’m gonna lift you up and you gotta go through. Do you understand?” I simply nodded my head. I was much too afraid of getting yelled at again to allow any utterable word out of my mouth. He once again grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me closer to him. He smelled. I didn’t like it. He put one hand on my waist and the other down near my foot. I hopped and put my left food on his hand as he shoved me up and through the tiny little hole of a window. I flopped onto soft grass on the outside and let myself collapse there. The pain of all of the assumed torture was catching up to me and I could hardly feel enough body parts to move. But I had to. Before I had time to catch two breaths the boy was up and through the window and once again yanking my wrist along behind him.

“Where are we going?” I asked. No answer. I ask again much louder and more demanding this time “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” With a yank he pulled up to run at his side. “We are running away,” he stated. “Well okay. But where exactly are we going? And how did you get the key to get me out of my cell? Am I not a prisoner?” And with that, sirens all around the green grounds went off. Wailing so loud it slowed my steps with the onset of a sudden headache. But unfortunately the boy wouldn’t let me slow down… I suppose that part was actually fortunate. As what happened next could have been a much worse scenario…

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