Starbucks Sitdown: Honesty

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is becoming a problem. The money I spend at Starbucks throughout my life may or may not but definitely will add up to be more than my first and second house mortgage.

Nevertheless I WILL continue to attend my daily meetings with the ever used tables and chairs. I am now even making an effort to change locations once everyday, so I can get a different view of the shop and a different view of the people who, like me, make a daily trip to Starbucks for lack of a better place to spend time besides the lovely cave they hail from.

Today's sit down was spent with friends laughing and cheering up the broken hearted, but also thinking and surmising, surmising mostly the importance of honesty. While there are many traits, characteristics blah blah out there that are imminent to the survival of generally moral beings, honesty seems to be the one that causes the most results. Whether cheering someone up or unfortunately sometimes breaking someone down, honesty has the greatest amount of output. A lie or a truth touch every aspect of life and can change a situation within the harboring of a couple of words. Honesty allows us to share our hearts and our minds with those around us. And allows those around us to share their hearts and their minds with us. It gives us the ability to create and to inspire because our creations are then coming from something true. And will honesty can sometimes hurt, it leaves us living a life that is true and not fake. Honesty it gives us the power to speak.

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