Starbucks Sitdown

This is becoming a problem. Today is Wednesday and I have come to Starbucks every day this week. And while I am here at 10 A.M. I guarantee I will be here again later on today. The point of this post? OH right.

I recently began a new job. Well an internship that is, with a local media news source. I have been on the job for 3 days and have already had multiple assignments and met such wonderful people. If this is any indication to what the rest of this summer is going to look like, I am going to have a very successful summer. I met with folks from a non-profit today and can I say they were so lovely. I said my name once and they all knew it with in a second and kept asking me questions posing my name in front of the question... I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THEIR NAMES. I feel a slightly awful but what can I say? I was simply awestruck by their level of dedication and kindness. I now remember why I want to work at a non-profit and more importantly I remember why I want to write books. To make a difference like these people were. I was truly inspired. Who knew my city held such beautiful secrets. Here's to hoping I can discover so many more.

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