Starbucks Sitdown

Here I am in Starbucks trying to get some work done, simply minding my own business when people feel the need to stare at me! And no it's not the kind of staring like oh she's so pretty or awww look at that sweet young lady working hard! No its more like, who's the freak in the middle of the shop on her computer? I do not understand. I even wore a cute outfit today as opposed to my normal I just woke up look. Yet, what do I get? Bizarre stares, Ladies and Gentlemen; that is what I get.

They could be looking at the man in extremely short shorts or the cute boy who works here, but no. They must stare at me, the normal everyday girl sitting on her laptop. I do not understand the logic.

On another note my usual Iced Caramel Macchiato with soy is not as refreshing and delicious as it normally is. Off day? I think so. For both me and the people of Starbucks. Come on guys lets pull it together.

Also I am still waiting for the day when the cute Starbucks boy talks to me. I refuse to make the first move this time. Pardon me, you all might be confused let me clarify.

Cute Starbucks Boy 1) long brown curly hair. Skinny. Indie looking. Shy sense of humor. We have talked on multiple occassions. But at one point I saw him walking out of the grocery store holding a pack of cigarettes so I decided I couldn't date him. No offense to anyone who smokes! I personally just don't want to date someone who smokes.

Cute Starbucks Boy 2) Sighhhh, he is so dreamy. He has short hair and light eyes. My best friend actually knows him. Well they live in the same neighborhood and occasionally acknowledge the others presence. I did add him on Facebook and have done my fair share of creepin. From the creeper perspective he is perfect. He hardly ever talks to me though. *Breaking news: we just made eye contact.

Cute Starbucks Boy 3) Sceenie Weenie! With a lip ring and a couple tattoos I believe. He is more talkative and funny. He also gave me a free pastry two days ago. BOOM. But he is the guy I would most likely end up being good friends with. Which is fine for me.

All in all, we are going for cute Starbucks boy number 2. What has my life come to? I am blogging about the cute boys in starbucks. Goodness me.

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