The War is Over

May 6, 2012

Inspiration is in decline. In a mode of loss. Day to day battles take over the thought of winning the war in the end. Men keep dying left and right and here I am pulling myself along with my dirty knuckles simply trying to live to the next minute, just like every other man out there. We all have lost hope. Most of us don’t even remember why we are here anymore. We do what our leaders instruct, but with the least amount of effort we can to get by. Sometimes, even that seems like an impossible feet. Sickness tears through us like a gust on a feather leaving us to fall, some never to get back up. There is no end in sight, not even a possible victory of even of one the smallest battles. Where has the morale gone? We let this war beat us up and spit us out over and over again and we do nothing about it. We just let it happen. What cowards we are? For letting it control us. We are but spiritless wimps. We must recharge, we must find a victory, even if it be the smallest one of all. With each little victory comes an even larger one and with each larger one our spirits began to rekindle. We must fight this war. We must find the inspiration to get us through. To eventually realize the war is over and we have found peace.

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