Yearn for Fuzzy Compliments

May 23, 2012

Let my boss give me critiques, let the public tell me it sucked, let me get anonymous complaints, let me get negative new reports. But please oh please dear loved one. None from you.

Dear mother of mine, your words make me turn my head and shut myself out. Your opinion matters that’s why all I want to hear is im so proud of you.

I suppose though, there is a time where I grow from a young pretentious girl into a humble yet tough woman where your nags don’t get to me. Where I look for those “hurrahs” and “its perfect” in loved one’s I know will say what I need to hear.

I will never know why your default setting is to complain or why your opinion must mean the most. But the sad story is simply that you are incapable of accepting the perfection in imperfection and incapable of feeling proud, because to you proud means perfect, but to me being proud of someone is praising their successes despite the imperfections. I will never do your opinion justice. So from here on out my attention goes to those with power and expertise over me and loved one’s who despite my obvious mistakes and imperfections still deem my accomplishments as perfection.

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