June 15, 2012

There once was a boy, a boy who knew nothing about the outside of the walls he lived in; and frankly he didn’t honestly care. He was content in those walls. He knew them, and they knew him. It was an easy give and take that required an extremely low amount of introspection from either of the sides, the way they both liked it. He lived in this world for quite sometime, not fully grasping the concept of exploration or that something beyond some walls exists in this universe. As he began to age his knowledge of what existed just feet outside of his door grew and grew, and while he knew what else was out there and the life it could give him, his laziness and apathetic attitude pulled him in even closer with no plans of letting him go. His knowledge surpasses that of the most knowledgeable mathematicians, but still he sits on a couch with no where to go and no one to see. He could make a life, a large one at with riches and expensive luxuries were the norm. Here’s to hoping an apathetic attitude won’t bring you down; but the said truth about it, it normally does.

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