June 13, 2012

There’s something about a bedroom. Something that makes you feel so at home at so relaxed. Even when the hallways of a house seem so vacant and far away, a bedroom feels so personal and warm. A safe space, one that requires no pants, no make up and can consist of you sprawled about on the floor in a childish fashion with no judgements being made.

But sometimes that room can become too much. When that room is all you see and all you touch, the world outside it begins to disappear, and that in itself can cause you to stir. To twist. To turn. To pace. To twiddle your thumbs. To jumble your hair. The place, the haven, that was once the sanctuary to your hell suddenly became the bane of your existence. It turns you crazy. It becomes too much. Sometimes you must see some world, to be saved from it.

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