June 22, 2012
Enjoy being young while you can. Enjoy the innocence. Enjoy the protectiveness of those who love you. Enjoy the simplicity. Growing brings freedoms but with that comes responsibilities and with that comes choices. Difficult choices that you and you alone can make. And from there blows away the innocence and naivety of childhood and in its place comes  a world that has no mercy.
People will push you around along with a couple of things. You are constantly debating whether success will come or not , and there will always be those people are places that screw you over.
With growth, comes choices. The choice to make a right decision or a wrong deicions could soon pop over the horizon. And with that childhood is gone and here comes the rest of your life.
Live childhood like a marvelous dream, never wanting it’s innocence to slip through your fingers. Because before anyone knows it, the real world will be approaching. Though it has its positives, it also has a long share of negatives, things to be careful for.
Live childhood while you can, before those tough choices.

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