June 8, 2012

He did his best to open the car door with as much grace as possible for him, so naturally he stumbled a bit, but not as much as he normally would; he must be really trying here. He shut the door after I slid in the front seat. He caught the end of my dress in the door, but I pulled it out before he could notice and made a note to myself to never tell him. He got in the drivers seat and after fumbling with the keys for a minute he got the car turned on with music low in the background, some awkward mix between classic rock and country; wasn’t all that appealing to me.

He seemed to gather himself more so as he began to drive, something he seemed comfortable with. He took his turns smoothly and was careful not to accelerate too fast around cop prone corners. He asked me how my day was and though I’m not proud of it, I responded somewhat generically, what could I say I was slightly nervous as well. I did make special note to ask him about his day in return though. His answer seemed rather generic as well. Our conversations seemed slightly dull. Damn keyboard courage, won’t let me say anything in person. I continued on the best I could.

In a normal situation I would spit out anything because I honestly couldn’t care if the people around me liked me or not, or maybe because the people I am around will always love me no matter what. But this one was different. I found the need to be the girl he wanted, and I didn’t necessarily enjoy that feeling. He intimidated me, he was different than the normal guy I went for. He was more… mature and I liked that about him, I liked it a lot. Yet here I am derping just as much as he is. We were both nervous I suppose and that made me feel better. He is just a person, just another person. I can do this. I can talk to him. I took a deep breath and I exhaled. With a smile on my face I began to talk about more than just work. And that worked out just great.

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