The Fall

June 24, 2012

It's all building up: the fear, anxiety, frustrations. And it's power is ever strong, it will stop at nothing to torture you until you break. Here's a cry from the broken...

When everything falls apart and life's precious moments and people are stripped away, there is nothing left but you. And while everyone can deny it, a part of every single person is afraid of being alone. And when you are alone, there's nothing left for you but to think and ponder and question every move and every word said until the truth is twisted into a tale. Minds wonder and conclusions are made... but maybe that's how it is suppose to be.

We as humans push those things that hurt and bother us into a subconscious place where daily activities and business never interfere. It isn't until there is nothing else to block out it's entrance into our forefronts, so when our hearts and souls are sitting there alone unattended these things that hurt and things that bother leap right out at you. And what can you do now, but confront them?

Taking these pains like a true soldier and sitting there not afraid to cry, because chances are you will. And you are sitting there alone, crying, thinking, it's difficult to find a drop of sunlight to open a sun. And I'm not here to tell you there is that drop of sunlight, because sometimes it honestly seems like there isn't. While it's existence is present sometimes we just aren't ready to see it. We must suffer some more, and we must confront our pains and burdens head on as to explain their presence and their reasoning for making us hurt so damn bad.

When all the tears are spilt and the mind is too tired to contemplate any further thought, sleep comes with puffy eyes and a wish that tomorrow will see no burden.

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