June 3, 2012
Here I’ve been for the past long while, sitting on my bed contemplating how I would ever start writing something that was so close to my heart. I sat and thought for what seemed like forever and still my brain could translate what I had to say to my heart. No, this is not some goofy tale about the love of my life and blah blah blah, but about someone much more important, my father.
Hidden behind books and laptop screens, dad doesn’t make appearances all too often. His shyness can sometime prohibit him from opening up which is such a shame for what is inside is the heart of a gentle respected old lion. Though he doesn’t think so his brain capacity surpasses that of most people and his logic generally proves to be right, though he is not ashamed of being wrong.
He doesn’t always follow the rules, but you can bet that when he doesn’t he has a damn good reason why he broke them, and could probably convince you to change said rule. He refuses to live by the standards of others and sets his own. And while on the way he doesn’t waver from his morals. Regardless of what people will think he will always %110 percent of the time uphold what he believes in and therefore when it comes to making tough decisions he is generally respected for them in the end.
Pushed and beaten around, he takes it all and one day hopes for a small shack on the beach where he can escape it all. With nothing left tying him to this world his soul will depart to a mansion in heaven by means of a sunset beach walk, from which he simply just does not come back. Brilliant, passionate, a dreamer, a fighter, his attitude and means of living life are ones to model after. Working hard for everything he has and not compromising who he was along the way is something most adults cannot even achieve.
Most often I forget how lucky I am to have a father like him, but without him there is no way I could have achieved anything that I have thus far. Through all of my trials and tribulations he told me to press on, to fight, and to prove those who doubted me wrong. And I am. All thanks to him

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