Freedom Rings

June 28, 2012

We are now broadcasting live from the deadly silent Darling household in McKinney, Texas where your family is asleep by 10 and at 1:30 in the morning you are still running strong. You have depleted the store of decent shows on Netflix and work/homework simply don't seem appealing. YouTube has provided all the entertainment it can for a night and my Facebook dash is dead with no gossip as slowly but surely it's trend is fading. After drinking three cups of energy and sugar charged tea doing the "wop" alone in my room can not even calm my hyper tendencies. My cat joins in on the fun with her never ceasing song of meows and before long my room simply becomes party central in the midst of bears in hibernation, what a life!

Stuck partying where the tunes must be kept down and the alcohol is under lock and key in an odd transition between home life and independence of apartment life. Thirsty Thursdays are now Think alone in your room Thursdays (though mine never were really the first of the two). Home is nice where there is food in the fridge and extra blankets in the hall closest, but the existing in an awkward parented/ not parented state can set the mind a running in hopes of finding a balance between the two... spoiler alert, there is no balance. Boys can't come over and the second the front door handle is turned a game of 20 questions is automatically started leading way for my parents to know the exact and specific where abouts concerning my step by detailed step agenda for the day (hmm must be a new rule).

It's home though, it is awkward but an independent life seems to be the direction to which my heart is being pulled. So for all of us here asleep at the Darling household we (cricket cricket) I am signing off. 2 more months until freedom rings.

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