Giving In

June 27, 2012

For a mind that on a normal basis functions with at least ten different goals and thoughts running through it at once, having only one thought consume that entire space is utterly… odd. It is weird to simply lay in a bed staring at the ceiling but being somewhere else completely with only one thought present. One, that’s it. 15 minutes pass then 30, once 45 rolled around I understood there was a serious problem at hand and something, but be done to resolve it. But what? There was no cure, no fix to this almost obsession. Slaps and distractions didn’t do a thing because in the end my mind would wander off to that one thought while my face filled the vacant expression of staring into space.

Why is it those one thoughts must intrude so deeply? Interrupting the functionality of everyday occurrences that it simply becomes a burden… but a positive burden at that. There was no stopping my mind from going there every other minute so why even bother? I should simply let the blissful thought roll in at it’s leisure and take a permanent place in my reasoning area. The touch, the smell, the sights, the every move of that moment captured and forever resting in that part of the brain. Why oh why must there be no release?! Your eyes felt awkward, but still held my gaze knowing there was a reward. Your hands were swift and had a purpose. Your lips knew what to do and I wasn’t going to argue. You are for now forever burned into that part of my head… but this time, I don’t think I’ll fight it. Giving in, to the pleasure of you.

…eh what can I say, he was a good kisser.

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