June 14, 2012

When once everything was right. When once everything was good. When once everything was perfect. When once all we ever knew was happiness and the word wrong didn’t exist in our vocabulary. When we didn’t need to experience being wrong or being sad to feel what being happy was like; because we were always happy and there was no wrong. There was no need for a balance between what was right and what was wrong; what was happy and what was sad. We all just were, and we were happy.

When corruption slithered its way in we were slapped in the face by the sickening feeling of sad. It took us by surprise, and we didn’t know what to do. Corruption spread and along with it sadness spread and continued to do so. No one understood the sickening feeling that sadness brought or the angry feeling that wrong brought, and it began to over take. Happiness was hard to come by, and joyful moments made themselves few and far between, they didn’t know how to show their faces.

As time passed sadness, the odd, became the new norm. As happiness crawled out from under it’s rock, it still felt afraid to show its face for fear of being shot down by the sadness. But the happiness felt awful for hiding away while so many fought sad times alone and without a smile. Every now and then happiness would deliver a smile to someone who really needed it, and those people were overjoyed. Eventually they understood the rules of the game. Or more like the one rule. Balance. A balance between what is happy, what is sad and what is right, what is wrong. For now we must understand the sad times, for we know without them we wouldn’t know happiness.

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