How to Get a Guy 101

June 18, 2012

Though I hate to admit it, like every other girl in the world my mind sometimes wanders to the life long lesson of how to get guys… “get” as if we think they are property. Hehe woops. So here it is

How to Get A Guy 101
Instructor: Extremely unqualified nineteen year old Nikki Darling

Lesson Number 1: in the words of the wonderful author in one of his YouTube videos(John Green) USE YOUR WORDS
  • ·      Talk to the boy, about you, about him, about your cat (if he’s into that.)
  • ·      Find topics of conversation you are both interested in (if you can’t find anything you probably shouldn’t be together)
  • ·      You can’t have a relationship without conversation.

Lesson Number 2: Be Yourself
  • ·      The phrase is overused but if you aren’t yourself the relationship will never work
  • ·      You will get frustrated by being someone else all the time and not being able to express you feelings as you
  • ·      Also, too much effort to be someone else.

Lesson Number 3: Don’t Compromise
  • ·      Don’t compromise your feelings, beliefs, opinions on things to just “find things to agree on” (please refer to lesson one bullet two)
  • ·      Guys generally think it is attractive/appealing when a girl can hold her own opinions in conversation.

Lesson Number 4: Initiate
  • ·      While some out there are traditional (myself included) it is okay for the girl to initiate conversations/hangouts.
  • ·      Guys hate having to lead all the time. Taking that burden off of them could ease the tension.

Lesson Number 5: Don’t Over Think Things
  • ·      This might be the most important bit of information to remember, as girls in general are so apt to over think every single situation.
  • ·      Take the situation at face value; this will avoid confusion and complications.
  • ·      You are less likely to get heartbroken by being disappointed.

The list goes on and on, and while I wish I could cover every single point I would be here until I’m 26, even then new theories on how to “get” guys will be in circulation in the never-ending research project. However, if you follow these 5 steps you are on your way to getting to know the man you desire. But I have to be honest with you, if it’s meant to be it will be, so like I said: DON’T OVER THINK THINGS. 

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