Learning to Balance

June 16, 2012

Once again this blank word document in front of me is slightly intimidating. If I stare at it long enough I begin to see little googly eyes pop out from beneath the white… Maybe something is wrong with me or perhaps it is the overwhelming exhaustion and stress getting to me once more.

I build myself up to be a strong and completely in control young lady and yet I find myself falling prey to the pressure of daily stressors. Car payments, deadlines, school work, future job, apartment accessories, apartment payments, and the list goes on for ever. I let it take control of me exactly like I shouldn’t.

I seem to be talking about balance a lot lately, and maybe I’m repeating myself but it seems the like question everyone is asking but is never being answered. The whole balance ordeal has got me reeling though, spinning and stumbling in every which way. Leaning too much to the right then correcting my movement and falling even further to the left. I seem to be the opposite of strong, I am weak. I need to exercise, build up my strength because this whole losing balance situation simply isn’t working out. It’s much over due to devise a work out plan, one to make me strong, to build muscle, strength, courage, and wisdom to make the right decisions and priorities the way I should. Here’s to hoping I learn to balance.

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