June 12, 2012
There must be something wrong. I misconnection between my brain and my mouth. For my brain thinks one thing while my mouth spits out another. And whatever my mouth decides to spit out seems to through me under the bus. I can never say the perfect things. I can never say exactly what I mean to and I can’t have the effect I always wish I could have. But there is one thing that I know for sure. When my mouth fails me I can count on my hands to write out the perfect words. They know exactly which way to move to carve out the exact words and the exact feelings my brain is telling me.
And while this is all good and true, I know that there will be those of you out there who read this and take it in the most perverted way possible. And while I did not intend on these words conveying this message, my hands told me to. Wonder what this means…

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