Not Knowing What to Say

June 2, 2012

Here I am staring at a blank white word doc page having no idea what to write. I just finished looking through all of my tagged Facebook photos and relived some wonderful and some not so wonderful moments. I think back to just one year ago when I would have just graduated high school and the feeling of being on top of the world. And now here I am finishing my freshman year of college ending up on the very bottom of the food chain once again. I think about how much I’ve matured and based on that, how much more maturing I have to do. I look at the friends I had back then and the friends I have now and realize my friend making skills improved as the ones next to me now are here for the long hull. My dreams changed from an imaginary figure in my diaries to a tangible being. And while love has come and gone and come and gone again, I learned that I will never stop learning about love as its tricky ways will never cease to pull a prank on me. Most importantly I learned that life is filled with trying moments and times. These times can be more than just a burden to bear, but rather a burden that can sometimes take you down under its weight. But I learned that these burdens do not define us, but simply help us grow though we might not always understand why.

A year has passed and here I am still with red hair. And here I am writing even more than I ever dreamed I would be able to do. And for that I must be thankful. Thankful to learn what I have learned, thankful to dream what I can dream, and thankful to achieve what I have achieved.

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