The One Direction Infection: Dallas Disease

June 23, 2012

License plates along the highway represented fans from Missouri, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, etc. I knew from right then we were in for a long night. These cars and trucks were full to the brim with young girls and their rising energy as the night's festivities drew closer. Parking was crazy and moving around was nearly impossible; it made sense considering 19,000 screaming girls that were there.

As the stage lights went up and the main performers took the stage, those 19,000 turned their screams into full on battle cries. They were Directioners, and there was no stopping them. Those battle cries were joined with singing aka shouting the lyrics, dancing,  fangirling, and maybe even a little bit of crying as well. This continued and continued and for 2 hours straight, dedicated fans forgot about the heat and crowded space and loved the performers they supported all this time.

Without out even so much as a blink, those 5 boys accepted and opened up to 19,000 random people called their "fans". With their voices and words, these 5 boys transformed the world of not only a few select girls, but the music industry, and the future of music generations. Fan after fan, girl after girl, person after person, joined in a crowded and hot arena to giggle and scream not as one, but as a whole, because the One Direction community is very much alive.

Their covers, their ballads, their pop songs, were all presented with the energy of a thousand suns (or 19,000 screaming girls) with perfect harmonies, oh and don't forget the tight pants and baseball caps. With this, that, the other thing, etc., the evening rounded off to be perfect.

Some fans walked out completely in shock, some were singing the lyrics. Some were screaming with excitement, and some recounted every single perfect moment of that night... a few were teary eyed.

While they are just 5 boys, their impact is undeniable. And their presence demands to be known. Here's to One Direction, their hard work, and their ability to capture so many hearts at once.

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