The One Direction Infection Hits Dallas

June 25, 2012

I don't know if i've mentioned it before but I am currently working for an online news source for the city of McKinney. I wrote an article about the One Direction concert to release for work and so I thought for today's writing I would share the actual article. I did in fact take a few parts from my writing the other day. But please enjoy! You can check out some of my other articles at

License plates along the highway represented fans from Missouri, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, and of course Texas. I knew from right then we were in for a long night. These cars and trucks were full to the brim with young girls and their rising energy as the night's festivities drew closer. Parking was crazy and moving around was nearly impossible; it made sense considering the 19,000 screaming girls that filled the Gexa Energy Pavilion on Saturday night.

As the stage lights went up and the main performers took the stage, those 19,000 turned their screams into full on battle cries. They were “Directioners”, and there was no stopping them. Those battle cries were joined with singing aka shouting the lyrics, dancing, fan-girling, and maybe even a little bit of crying as well. This continued and continued and for 2 hours straight; dedicated fans forgot about the heat and crowded space and loved the performers they supported all this time.

By the attendance and volume of screaming these 5 boys are obviously something big, but why have the teenage girls of McKinney flocked to their side? Is it the tight pants? The ability for them to serenade girls? The British accents? Or maybe a perfect combination of all 3.

“I love One Direction because they don’t try to be someone they’re not. Even after becoming a huge sensation they are such regular teenage guys and they make me laugh,” says local One Direction fan Sarah Wilson.

Another McKinney Directioner also talks about her love for the boys. “I like One Direction because not only are they amazing live but they are all so full of personality,” says Patti Hogarth. “Their music is something you can jump around and party to while some others are slower and easy going. It’s music you remember and love to hear.”

McKinney’s girls love One Direction, but the love is returned as well. “We love coming down here,” says Niall Horan, a member of One Direction, at the concert on Saturday night. “This has been my favorite gig on this tour so far.”

Another boy in the band commented on the evening as well. “This is one of the biggest gigs we’ve had,” says Liam Payne. “And we couldn’t have done any of this without our fans like you all.”

Whether it’s the hair, the music, the smiles, or the accents, One Direction has taken the hearts of our McKinney girls. The concert in Dallas on Saturday night only increased the fandom throughout McKinney and Dallas as fans were able to become even closer to the boys.

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