The One Direction Infection

June 19, 2012

Frankly, ladies and gentlemen, this day inevitable. Their rising fame has brought tunes of simple harmonies to people’s minds on a regular basis and the radio stations are blowing up with their poppy love songs. Yes I am speaking of the one the only One Direction (and the crowd goes wild!!!)

Now I am not going to sit here and speak of their undying talent and unique sound because in all honesty they all have average voices, but their fame based upon those average voices is what fascinates me.

Of course their talent is growing with each day they practice together, but they have a long time to go before their brilliance is able to reach that of large boy bands such as the classic Monkeys or the Jonas Brothers.

Of course most of their success can be attributed to the 5 gorgeous babe-like faces they own. To a teenage girl, nothing is more attractive than a cute boy who can sing, dance, and of course make you feel special.

Not to mention, the accents help.

I am retaining my fandom right now though, because I can tell you on Saturday when those 5 boys walk out onto the stage in Dallas, I will lose it. I will scream like the 14 year old girl I have inside and jump as if I was reaching for the clouds.

While their music is decent and fun to dance to it focuses on the usual love stories and fulfills that boy band cliché. There is no denying the amount of “haters” they have on their case, but to be honest with you I can’t exactly trash someone who makes millions of dollars, they must be doing something right.

From the poppy music to the accents to the cute faces to the nice butts, One Direction has that global feel that will attract teenage girls like bugs to a light. While their fanbase does not generally extend beyond 18 year old girls, you can bet 95% of the world has heard their name, and in that they find their success.

Please note: after I attend the One Direction concert in Dallas on Saturday I will be providing a detailed report if you weren't able to attend. Pictures will be included. 

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