Painful Expectations

June 26, 2012

Expectation is the root of all heartache. It is indeed Mr. Shakespeare, but then why is it that we as mere humans in life and in love consistently dream up expectations when we understand disappointment will always come? I suppose that is a characteristic of being human of being imperfect. We imagine the sequence of events we want to happen so much that we actually begin to truly believe they are possible and will happen. While sometimes this gives us the drive to accomplish great things, it can often lead us to extreme disappointment and that sick feeling you get in your stomach that makes you want to curl up and shed a tear.

So is it worth it? Dreaming up expectations? Or are those dreams of the mind of a child? A na├»ve and foolish child who believes that the world is generally good. Well it’s not. We can find the good things personally, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is good.

So we are left at a stand off between dreaming and reality. Knowing that we may accomplish great things, but we will be heartbroken along the way sick ridden from consistent disappointment when reality doesn’t match up to our expectations. While it sounds so easy to simply rid our minds of expectations, it is nearly inhuman, and I suppose that is what makes us human.

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