June 4, 2012

A part of me will always care. A part of me will never let you go. I part of me will always want you talking to me, even if those words mean nothing or if those words spit slanderous degradations my way. I will not pretend my heart works differently than all hearts, because it doesn’t. Once something or someone is in there, it’s not coming out. You must know this, and while it burdens me to admit such a weakness, it is the honest truth and I refuse to lie to you. In response I ask the safe in the midst of lies and untold necessities and half-truths. Feelings are feelings, no matter how small. It doesn’t matter if it’s a feeling about a cat or feelings about your heart. You felt it, some part of you somewhere meant it. So simply tell me what those parts are saying, because while I seem to lack the ability to do so, I feel as if you have the will power to feel the truth, the saying it is the part where the cowardice appears. Let me know when/if that will happen, and if it doesn’t then have a nice life, I will not have a liar and a coward as a friend.

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