June 11, 2012
Injuries. After they first happen, it hurts for a while. The sting of a cut can be relentless and the scabs don’t look too good either. After a while the scab goes away and is replaced with a pink scar. Sometimes scars fade with time, and some can even be forgotten. Then there are some that don’t go away. Scars that stay with you for a lifetime. It’s those scars that you notice, that you know are there, though others may not notice. You will always have a story for those scars and how you came to get them, and maybe even why they never went away.
While eventually the pain goes away and you aren’t consciously being reminded of the injury, there will still forever be a mark or tribute to that injury, to that pain you once felt. The physical pain is no longer there, but the emotional and visual pain will forever be embodied in some form. And that is something that will never go away. No matter how hard you try to rid your skin of scars, each and every hurt, each and every pain is documented right there on your skin. Best to accept those for what they are. Instead of trying to cover them up. 

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