Those Days

June 6, 2012

We all have those days, where everything seems to fall apart. Those days when you drop a dish, your fish dies, your DVD player breaks, no one texts you, not one single food tastes appetizing, and the list goes on and on. And so it seems that the things cannot have their own day for each but must all happen on one single day, one single day that in other situations would have been like any other but is now not so.

Those days exist, and those days make you lose hope. Your miss happenings cause distractions and sour attitudes which lead you to the uninspired state that you seem to be stuck in for what seems like forever. Those days exist.

Those moments also exist, when you realize you can’t very well change those happenings. They happened and they existed and the best you can do is go to sleep. Take a breather, go to sleep, and hope that tomorrow will shine its bright rays onto you.

Those days exist where nothing seems to go right and you feel tired and uninspired. Take a rest. Get some sleep. And open your eyes tomorrow realizing you have the entire day to prove yesterday was simply a trick of the mind. 

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