Those Days

June 21, 2012

Those days when nothing goes particularly right… today is one of those days. Dancing with the evil and the frustrating. Sleep is all you want to do, but life continues to pull you away. Task after task and demanding people after demanding people, but all you do is hold your tongue because you know saying anything will just drip lighter fluid into a fire. It’s just not worth it.

Today is the day you realize you just gotta suck it up and put on a brave face and remember that tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow is just a day away. You can make it. Occupy your thoughts with things that make you happy to pass the time. Dry your tears, put on the big girl pants and realize that it’s not always about you. It’s one of those days. While those days are difficult to walk through they are necessary to walk through, they keep you humble.

So remember tomorrow is not too far off and today is a necessary part of life. Think of the things that make you happy and allow those to consume your thoughts. Tomorrow will come soon enough. 

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